Dawnblade-Dawnblade Mod Menu

Dawnblade-Dawnblade Mod Menu
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**DAWNBLADE requires minimum OS 6.2, 2GB RAM, and at least 2GB Free Disk Space**
Please be aware this is in BETA so there will be some features that are still incomplete. You may also experience unexpected bugs or issues in the game, if so please let us know through the 'Player Support' form inside the game.
Dawnblade is an Action RPG where you can loot dungeons, battle diabolical monsters, evolve pets, find treasures, and forge legendary equipment on an epic journey to reclaim the mythical weapon known as the ‘Dawnblade’.
• Explore dozens of immersive fantasy dungeons
• Deep inventory & skill systems
• Over 10,000 customizable equipment set combinations
• Tons of quests with special rewards to collect
• Collect and evolve battle pets
Discord: https://discord.gg/pWwbuJy
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dawnbladegame Hotfix for game launch crash on Android 12.

[New Feature - Redeem Codes]
You can now redeem special codes and claim prizes!
Use code (Dawnblade) in the Rewards>Redeem Codes menu to try it out.

[Fixes & Improvements]
- New ad system that should fix crashes related to loading ads
- Code improvements that should reduce random crashes at game launch.

Category: ActionPublisher: MonsterScope StudiosRequirements: Android 8.0+Publish Date: 20/06/2022

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